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Datalogger with sensors

MONILOG® EnDal Curve
Measurement and storage of mechanical shock,
temperature, moisture, slope, pressure and other metrics.
Programming and data analysis by PC

3-axis shock-recorder
Shocks 1-8g, temperature, humidity and inclination
Transport indicator for the shipment of sensitive products
Easy attachment to boxes, pallets, containers, etc.
Documented defined limit value overruns and underruns
Responds to shock, temperature, humidity and inclination

MONILOG® EnDal smart
Extremely robust and compact transport data logger
Monitors compliance with transport specications
Registers all mechanical shock events and stores the 500 largest with signal progress
Measures direction, strength, time, duration, minimum and maximum of the e ect

Product information (PDF) [9'092 KB]

MONILOG® Shock Display curve plus
Records the 100 greatest mechanical shocks and time graphs.
Detects direction, amplitude, time, duration, minimum and maximum of the impact.
Built-in GPS receiver for exact positioning and inclination measuring on board.
Combination sensor for pressure / temperature / humidity.

Product information (PDF) [4'662 KB]

The Digi-Shock XT will monitor and
record impact and temperature on
goods in transit or storage and on
equipment and structures.

Technical specifications [81 KB]

MoniLog® MicroShockDetector
Compact, leight-weight shock data logger.
Records the 200 highest shock events with curve-plots.
Stores up to 10 curve-plots of the highest shocks.
Continous temperature recording.
USB communication.

Product information (PDF) [6'705 KB]

MONILOG® Offshore alarm system
Registers mechanical in uences during the installation and
operation of offshore facilities.
Highly sensitive and long term stable acceleration sensors.
Measures and analyses directions, strength, time and signal progressions of shock and
vibration loads.
Alarm and operating signalling contacts for the integration of the system in the control technology.

Product information (PDF) [8'100 KB]


measure impacts from all
directions and record their
acceleration (“g”) levels.
Impacts from all three directions
are recorded on one chart paper.
Can be mounted at the packaging or packaged goods
matter in any position.

Product information (PDF-File) [177 KB]


Reusable Impactindicator

Is on shipped goods or test-goods attached and shows
by a shock the selected g value in X-Y-or Z-axis.
Can using forceps again be activated.

One-way shock indicator

is the most popular shipping and handling indicator
on a one way basis. It is non resettable
and self adhesive for simple application.
Fixed it inside of a crate or inside the
packaging direct on the surface of the
piece you like to control.

consists of two sets of spring loaded steel balls
nested within a rugged transparent housing.
The springs are calibrated to withstand forces
up to the “g” rating of the unit.

Product Information (PDF) [176 KB]

For products that are only vertically transported allowed.
Is attached on shipped goods or packaged goods.
By an inclination of over 90˚ remains the blue granule in the
upper part of the upside-arrow.

The DROP-N-TELL impact indicator was been developed
for detection of damage that have occurred by
impact and shock. The DROP-N-TELL is available in
different sensitivities (g-values).
The selection of the g-value depends on size and
weight of the package.

Pruduct Information (PDF File) [69 KB]


Is externally attached to the packaging,
and displays by color change of the indicator
a clear violation of the shipping instructions and
eventual transport damages.

impact indicators deter mishandling
and reduce damage-related costs by
indicating when products have been
exposed to a potentially damaging
impact during transit or in storage.
ShockWatch devices are tamperproof,
field-armable. mechanically-activated
devices that turn bright red when an
impact occurs.

Informations [256 KB]

For products that are only vertically transported allowed.
Is attached on shipped- or packaged-goods.
By an inclination of over 90˚ changes the color
of the central-point irretrievably to red.