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One-way Lashing Systems

CORDSTRAP®, the Original!

Strapping System Cordstrap®

Cordstrap® Polyester Strapping
is available in 3 main variations.


Composite Strapping (Type CC)

the latest development in non-metallic shipping strapping technology and most commonly used. Made from High Tenacity Polyester Filament yarns embedded in a polymer coating, Composite strapping is often referred to as "synthetic steel". Incorporating all the benefits of bonded and woven poly strapping, Composite strapping offers additional advantages like high abrasion resistance and the highest possible joint efficiency in the buckle. These capabilities are completely unaffected by climatologic circumstances. Cordstrap® Composite strapping offers the highest printing quality and can be supplied in a wide variety of fine colors. Cordstrap® Composite Strapping can be applied in a limitless number of applications.

Type Width lenght per roll WLL linear
CC40 ca. 13 mm 1100 m 300 daN
CC50 ca. 16 mm 850 m 425 daN
CC60 ca. 19 mm 600 m 475 daN
CC86 ca. 25 mm 450 m 925 daN

Cordstrap®-Polyester Strapping

Woven Strapping (Type WG)

has the added advantage of a cross-weave that prevents splitting. Manufactured from the same high tenacity polyester yarn, this very flexible load securing material is sometimes preferred because of its texture.

Type Width Lenght per roll WLL linear
40 WGHM ca. 13 mm 1100 m 375 daN
50 WGHM ca. 16 mm 850 m 450 daN
60 WGHM ca. 19 mm 600 m 550 daN
85 WGHM ca. 25 mm 500 m 950 daN
105 WGHM ca. 35 mm 150 m 1350 daN
65 HD ca. 19 mm 400 m 975 daN
85 HD ca. 25 mm 400 m 1250 daN
105 HD ca. 38 mm 100 m 2000 daN

Lashing System

Cordstrap® Cordlash®-Systems

Cordlash®-Polyester Lashing Systems
is available in 2 main variations.

Cordlash®-Polyester-Composite Lashing

coatet (Type CC)

Cordstrap® Composite lashings are available in a variety of widths and strengths up to 5,000 DaN (11,000 lbs).
Composite lashings are widely used to secure cargo in trucks, railcars and ISO containers for various commodities including, but not limited to, chemicals, machinery, paper reels and food goods.
Breaking strengths of all composite lashings are independently certified by Germanischer Lloyd’s and adhere to European Railway regulations. In addition, Cordstrap® CC 105 is approved by the American Association of Railroads for use in closed car load restraint applications.

Type Width Lenght per roll WLL linear
CC86 ca. 25 mm 450 m 925 daN
CC105 ca. 31 mm 230 m 1600 daN

Cordlash®-Polyester Lashing

Woven Polyester Lashing

is increasingly used to secure cargo in excess of 100 metric tons. Manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarn, Cordlash® woven lashing replace conventional load-restraint products like heavy duty steel strapping, wire rope, chains, ratchet straps and greatly reduces or eliminates the need for wood blocking and bracing.
The webbing structure makes the lashing very flexible and easy to work with, even in confined spaces.
Cordlash® is extremely safe to use, and the shock absorbance characteristics are superior to any other load securing materials. This shock absorbency feature keeps the lashing secure through the most rugged transit.
Cordlash® woven lashings are closed by specially developed buckles and bucklehooks, and tensioned with a manually operated tool or pneumatic tools. They are often used in combination with friction enhancing anti slip mats for added security.
Cordlash® woven lashings are accepted and approved by many shipping lines and marine insurance surveyors. They adhere to the regulations of the International Maritime Organization, the European Railways and other regulatory bodies.

Type Width Lenght per roll WLL linear
CORDLASH 105 ca. 31 mm 250 m 2300 daN
CORDLASH 150 ca. 38 mm 200 m 3500 daN
CORDLASH 200 ca. 40 mm 200 m 5000 daN

They comply with International Maritime Organization, the directive of the European railways will RIV 16.01, described in the CTU packing guidelines and accepted by most shipping companies and appraisers.

The linear system strength and tear of the ligaments are certified by
Germanischer Lloyd.

For use in transportation on the North American railroads
has the type of tape CC105UF the approval of the AAR,
including hazardous materials.

Cordstrap® Machines

Type Description
VTT-401 Stretching machine for band width until 19 mm
VTT-405 Stretching machine for band width until 40 mm
VTT-413/416 Dispenser mobile with material box
VTT-410 Palet bar