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Anti-slip mats

You get a much higher coefficient of sliding friction
between the cargo and the cargo area
(practically constant sliding friction, according to VDI 2700 at least 0.6 μ)

In practice, this means to you:

fewer lashing straps and safety belts = less time = saving money

Industries: for example, steel / aluminum coils, machinery, paper industry,
cardboard industry, for truck, rail and containerloading

Using the VTT ® - anti slip mats ensures a consistently high coefficient
of sliding friction of at least 0.6 my, according to VDI 2700, even in wet
and wet goods loading areas.

VTT® Anti-slide mat

Art.No. AM01
Thickness 4 mm, Width 150 mm
Lenght 5 Meter

Art.No. AM02
Thickness 8 mm, Width 250 mm
Lenght 5 Meter