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Safety Lifting Rings

Ring- and Swivel lifting rings

VTT distributes the Swivel lifting rings of the company CODIPRO.

With these Safety lifting rings you can move loads,
even if the threaded holes for receiving the rings
are mounted on the side. The Lifting rings have swivels
and can therefore be used in all directions
respectively. resilient.


The Swivel lifting rings are of resistant alloy steel,
forged and heat treated (hardened and tempered). They meet :

* the requirements of the directives of the European Union
* the DIN Standard 5691
- Diameter of M8 to M64 and UNC 3 / 8 to 2 ½ UNC
- special axis- length and –threads on request
- INOX made possible

Examples :
* M12 : 1 tons in all directions
* M24 : 4 tons in all directions
* M48 : 20 tons in all directions

Technical information [3'243 KB] (PDF-File) 20 pages

Specialised solutions

Due to the high technical level of development of the manufacturing process,
we can also client requirements in the production of special parts incorporate.

Design / manufacturing / control

The company CODIPRO uses, from the design
of the parts, until testing of the final product,
need-based and powerful resources:

* Construction, Development office
* Manufacturing, Forging
* Control, load-break tensile
* Finishing, Painting
* Control, unit testing with test load