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Round Slings Duplix®

Round Slings Duplix®

Specially developed to cope with heavy loads
Duplix® round slings are top - flight technological
products for achieving an optimum combination
of best possible safety, simple handling and a
long service life. Their sturdy design and high
degree of flexibility permit safe and careful
lifting of heavy loads, both in industry and in
haulage business, as well as in the construction
of power stations and on above and below ground
building sites.

Facts and Figures

Product: Round Sling Duplix
EN Norm: 1492-2
Safety Factor: 7:1
Working Load Limit: 1 – 200 tons
Max. Lenght: 65 m

Brochure Round Slings Duplix [251 KB]

Brochure Round Slings Duplix for heavy loads [299 KB]