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Lifting Belts Profix®

Belts that are absolutely safe !

Hebeband Profix®

Guaranteed to be reliable and long lasting

By making use of the VTT PROFIX® lifting belt,
you are putting your trust in a high-tech product that
has achieved worldwide recognition and which is
manufactured in every respect to provide the highest
degree of reliability and resistance to wear. That guarantees
you load lifting that is absolutely safe, whether
in a factory or storeroom, or when loading and unloading
- and all that at a firstclass cost-performance ratio!

Brochure Lifting Belts Profix® (PDF-File) [228 KB]

Brochure Lifting Belts Edgesafe (PDF-File) [296 KB]

PU-TEC - top performing endurance!

Common lifting belts often are under a damaging impact
of abrasive surfaces of the goods that shall be
lifted. This results in an early dead of such belts.
VTT PU-TEC is a new method to protect the slings
against these bad impacts thanks of a smooth PU
coating on one or both sides of the slings. The sling
is well protected, while their soft handling is still guaranteed.
This is a real advantage to a competitive
price! The belts can be used on construction sites as
well as in the heavy industry!

Brochure Lifting Belts PU-Tec (PDF-File) [315 KB]