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Lifting Belt Slings Duplix®

Extremely tough for progressive lifting!

With the new generation of the lifting belt
slings from VTT® you can lift loads of
up to 50 tons absolutely safe - according
to EN norms EN1492-1/2 with a safety factor
of 7:1. This truly outstanding development is
based on a new manufacturing technology
with a totally new construction allowing a
larger lifting area of the belt with
shortened soft eyes.

Brochure Lifting Belt Slings (PDF-File) [1'338 KB]

Lifting capacity up to 100 tons!

The strength core is protected by a highly
abrasion and cut resistant protection sleeve.
This assures - in combination with a
construction of the carrying surface without
hard edges - double the service life of normal
lifting slings: especially for the lifting of
materials with sharp edges such as steel- and
aluminium coils, steel pipes, steel bars, plates,
prefabricated walls and concrete based building
elements. Customers, once used VTT‘s
Lifting Belt Slings, swear, never to change to
„antiquated“ round slings again!


Multi Channel Technology

Patented MultiChannel cover construction provides
superior cut and abrasion resistance. Load-
bearing fibers are completely encased. Innovative
industrial weaving builds tubes as fabric is woven,
completely eliminating critical stitching.
Due to their soft construction (up to a width of
600mm!), MultiChannel – slings will not point load!
This technology was especially developed for
lifting exclusive goods like boats, pipelines, turbines.

The high resistible protection cover is one of the
most important elements that enables long term use
of these slings. The cover cloth is double-woven with
inner black layer to reveal excess wear and as an
additional UV barrier. Long term wear is revealed
when the black layer shows through, but even then,
load bearing fibers have not yet been exposed.
When lifting goods with sharp edges, we recommend
the use of tubular wear pads from VTT®.