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Boat Lifting Belt Slings

For heavy loads up to 100 tons

With the new generation of boat lifting belt slings from
VTT with a lifting capacity of up to 100 to and
a safety factor of 7 : 1 - according to EN 1492-1/2,
loads can be lifted absolutely safely and gentle,
especially in the marine sector. This truly outstanding
development is based on a new manufacturing
technology with a totally a new product construction
allowing a larger carrying surface and shorter eyes.
The eyes can be hooked easily into the cranehook
independent of the hook direction.

Brochure Boat Lifting belt slings (PDF) [4'631 KB]

Guaranteed double service life

The strength core is protected by a highly abrasion
and cut resistant protection sleeve. This specially
constructed boat lifting belt sling allows you to lift
your boat or your yacht absolutely safe and gentle
and it has a guaranteed double service life, compared
to normal boat lifting slings, also for yachts with a sharp
keel or deck.* They are manufactured with polyester
yarn that is resistant against salt water and UV-rays.

* Sharp edges must be protected by a cutting guard tube!